Maple Tree Summer Camp

Maple Tree Camp is run in Eng­lish and takes place through July & August,
Monday to Fri­day, 8.00 a.m. — 4.00 p.m.


In 2014 we are open from July 1st to August 14th

Maple Tree Camp will not run from August 15th to August 31st


Every day, the chil­dren are involved in a com­bin­a­tion of the fol­low­ing activities:

  • Art as a cre­at­ive, hands-on pro­cess that gives the kids an oppor­tun­ity to apply vari­ous art medi­ums and con­cepts to cre­ate their very own, one-of-a-kind mas­ter­pieces.
  • Simple, hands-on sci­ence exper­i­ments where the chil­dren learn about inter­est­ing sci­ence facts they’ll love.
  • Music and move­ment that lets the chil­dren explore their musical and dance abil­ity, devel­op­ing their rhythm, bal­ance, coordin­a­tion, social, listen­ing and artistic skills.
  • Sports that help them develop their coordin­a­tion, gross-motor skills and sportsmanship.
  • Play­ing out­side, enjoy­ing the weather, and spend­ing time in our nat­ural play­ground.

The cost of the camp includes care, all mater­i­als the chil­dren use, and a healthy snack & catered lunch.

Any entrance fees to museums or gal­ler­ies require addi­tional payment.


For more inform­a­tion on fees and weekly & monthly sched­ules, please con­tact us at


If you have more than two chil­dren or you and your friends would like to organ­ise a group of 3 or more kids to par­ti­cip­ate in Maple Tree Camp, con­tact us for addi­tional inform­a­tion on dis­coun­ted pri­cing.