About Us

Maple Tree Montessori is a family-run preschool with a caring and nurturing approach. Our program is devoted to the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of children. 
  • We encourage our kids to be Creative in their learning by providing them with the freedom to work in their own way and supporting them in the development of their interests.
  • We make sure that Music isn't just an extra class but is part of the children's daily life. Our unique practice of combining the Montessori method and musical activities (based on Orff/Kodaly principles) distinguishes us from other preschools in Warsaw.
  • We teach our children to take care of Nature through every-day eco-friendly practices, our natural playground and a fruit & vegetable garden that the kids help cultivate.
  • The Montessori approach is the fundamental base for our teaching philosophy. It allows us to facilitate the development of our children’s independence and their natural psychological progress, giving them freedom within a certain structure.


We think that Maple Tree Montessori is a wonderful place for children to grow.

Why not come and see for yourself?!