Our Schedule

Our day starts at 8.00 am, and children are free to be dropped off anytime between 8.00 & 8.45 am. Pick-up is between 3.30 & 3.45 pm. Children staying with us for half the day have the same drop-off time and should be picked up between 12.00 & 12.15 pm.

Each day consists of a combination of Montessori work, our music program and additional activities.

The children have access to a snack throughout the morning work period. Lunch is eaten at 12.30 pm, and the food is provided by a licensed caterer. Read more about Food & Nutrition at the schoolhouse.

We are open from September to June, Monday to Friday. The schoolhouse closes for all statutory holidays, as well as Christmas, winter break and Easter.

Throughout July and August we run Maple Tree Camp, for which you can find pictures and updated posts on our Facebook site.

Here is an example day at the schoolhouse. Please keep in mind that this is a general outline, and our focus for the children is the Montessori work, and additional activities that support the Montessori method. An organized Music class will take place at least twice a week, although music is also incorporated into our daily life at the schoolhouse.

8.00 am 8.45 am Drop off
8.00 am 11.00 am Montessori work period (snack is available throughout)
11.00 am 11.30 am Group activities (Circle Time)
11.30 am 12.30 pm Additional activities (i.e. music, art, etc.) / time outside in the natural playground / quiet time inside
12.30 pm 1.15 pm Lunch-time
1.15 pm 3.30 pm Mixture of Additional activities (gymnastics, sports, etc.) / time outside / quiet time inside